Dance! Dance!

Lately, I’ve been finding myself DANCING all the time!  What a fun way to exercise!! I dance around the house, down the street, at the bars and clubs and in yoga class! DANCING lifts your moods, gets your heart pumping, stretches and strengthens the entire body, works the heart and lungs and burns calories! Find just 10 minutes in your day to DANCE and you will feel the results from the inside out!

I had a taste of this training while I was in Costa Rica and I can’t wait to get the full experience: LET YOUR YOGA DANCE


Pole/Exotic Dancing try Sheila Kelley’s S Factor

Belly Dancing Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon

Middle Easter Dance (for women only) Anahid Sofian Studio

Broadway Broadway Bodies or Broadway Dance Center (I took amazing tap classes here)

Capoeira and Brazilian Capoeira Angola Qunital

Salsa, Tango, Ballroom Dance Manhattan or Dance New York

Whatever kind of dancing you like to do, there is probably a studio somewhere close to you that specializes in it.

Or maybe you’re like me and you prefer to dance to 80’s music!  In NYC my favorite DJ is DJ Jess (not for the weak hearted) and not only have I been going to his events for years but I invited him to DJ my wedding.  Isn’t that sweet?

Dance! Dance!

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