Emily is a Pranassage Practitioner and offers 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Pranassage is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation, pleasure and concentration to the receiver. The body work opens up the flow of blocked energy, realigns muscles and bones and increases the stream of blood and nutrients to parts of the body that are too often ignored.

The practitioner physically moves the client’s body into a flow of positions that allow them to feel each position from the inside out. The client is shifted into interesting movements and positions which provide balance and relief throughout every part of their being. Entering the state of deep relaxation is an optimal condition for learning new patterns of movement. Being moved in this way allows the receiver to watch with awareness and without having to exert any effort.

The assistance provides powerful sensations in the receivers body and allows them to notice where the pleasure and the discomforts are hidden. The practitioner uses their own body weight to accentuate the parts of your client’s body being affected, and the client will often be asked, “would you like more pressure or less pressure?” Even the best Nautilus machine in the gym cannot adjust so perfectly to the shape and contour of their muscles.

Pranassage does not require any special equipment or a massage table, and is not like a massage in which you have to remove your clothing. The receiver remains fully clothed and you don’t need oil or cream. You simply need a couple of folded blankets for a pad on the floor and a pillow.

“I’ve had all sorts of body work done in my life but PRANASSAGE is the most relaxing, energizing and rejuvenating. With PRANASSAGE a different kind of spaciousness and release happens inside the body that you just don’t get with a deep tissue massage.” -Johnny, Charleston, SC

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