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The Rant Heard 'Round the World.

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

It's December, the week between Christmas and New Year. I usually take this time off to relax and recharge. When the world isn't dodging Covid-19 and it's variants, I try to travel to a family member, to reconnect. But since we live in a world where traveling can kill you, I'm staying home for the second holiday break.

It's usually during this break that I do a lot of thinking. Take up a new hobby, or try something totally new. When I'm "thinking", I'm not just thinking about the holidays, traveling or now, avoiding Covid-19 "like the plague", but I think about where I am in life, what I am up to, and so on. I find myself doing a lot of reading, and in some years, I'll do some self-development programs or courses.

December 2021 was a bit different in that before I started thinking, I started ranting. And when I posted this rant, which I'll share again there, I realized in looking in past journal and notebook entries, that this "thinking" was coming up, this same time of year, for the past several years. And, after I posted this rant, the shit hit the fan for me in good and challenging ways; with a little discomfort thrown in for good measure. Below is the rant, unedited as seen on my Facebook page.

"Two days from Xmas and I have to rant. Western Civilization continues to romanticize that being in a relationship makes you complete. Whole. Happy. Especially so around the holidays. I see women, strong, intelligent, ground-breaking women pining for a relationship. They’ve swallowed the koolaid, and their continued vocalization of the “missing” in their lives, perpetuates this invented human construct. Every TV ad is about a happy family, a loving couple, a full home with lots of pretty decorations, tons of food, everyone’s skinny, and everyone drives a Lexus. For those of you in happy and healthy relationships, this is not directed towards you. But, we all know a woman who is constantly dating, constantly saying she wants/needs a “man”, “woman”, “relationship”, that she’s “lonely”. That she doesn’t want to be “alone”, as if being alone is a disease. What if you were already in the best relationship of them all, the relationship with yourself? What if your love for yourself runneth over? What if you were whole and complete as you are? What if being alone wasn’t a negative, but a positive? Edit: If you find yourself consumed with, talking about, writing about, wishing and hoping, reading books on finding a man, going to seminars that promise to help you “create love and relationships” and searching for someone else to share your life with, to love with, to laugh with, you are missing out on the greatest love of all…your own. How can you enjoy your own love, your own laughter, your own comfort when your attention is directed elsewhere? I ask you, no, I beg you, stop living for tomorrow, a “perfect” tomorrow, with your dream human. Stop thinking there is something missing, ‘cause there isn’t. Just because you say there is, doesn’t make it so. And repeat after me: I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you."

Little did I know when I posted this "rant" (complete with spelling and grammatical errors) that my life would change, the world would changed, and in fact, the universe would change.

Out of this posting came the book idea, Love and Kale, and this blog. I began detoxing from a medium dose of antidepressant I had been on while I was traveling through menopause. I discovered a super fast, super easy, super perfect-for-today's hyper busy world a mind, body and soul healing technique. I decided to move--one more time--to Maui, Hawaii (more to come on this), and finally, I returned to school to obtain my PhD in Metaphysics.

Who knew one rant would cause so much change, so much action, and so much adventure...I did, I guess.

So the purpose of this blog, is to keep things rolling with Love and Kale, and to explore additional topics-- all related in some way to what it means to be a thinking human.

Welcome, and thank you for taking this journey with me!

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